Whitney Wolfe, The Tech Genius

Whitney Wolfe desires to make more friends but she is too busy to socialize. However, she realized that in between her work schedule, she takes breaks and can afford some few minutes to be on phone. One day she thought to herself how brilliant it would be to use the time socializing online. Consequently, she came up with the idea of Bumble, which is a dating app that helps the modern day woman meet the right mates. Whitney Wolfe was keen to note that the woman has no time to go to clubs and bars and even when she does, she does not meet her ideal mate.

Upon the launch of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe realized that people were not only using the app to date but also to make friends. She also realized that women were taking longer to get married and she decided getting a best friend of the female gender would help the girls cope with the long waiting time. It would also kill loneliness and help them share ideas. Moreover, Whitney Wolfe realized that the office divas and were not company enough; neither were the mean girls. Bumble BFF that would help girls make genuine friends online was launched.

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Bumble BFF
To get the App, download Bumble App from Google Store and then choose the module bumble BFF. Connect with Facebook so that all your information can be transferred to the app. You then describe your interests and likes in a short paragraph and the location where you would like your friends to be drawn from.

Whitney Wolfe
Though she is under 30, Whitney Wolfe has made a wave in America, making her named as top thirty under thirty in Forbes as well as the Business Insider. Moreover, her technology acumen has placed her in Elle’s tech list, which is a tremendous achievement. Whitney Wolfe is more than just a girl, she is a genius.

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