The Story of the Founder of Solvy, the Russian Entrepreneur

]Alexei Beltyukov has been an entrepreneur and author to watch since he graduated in 1997 from INSEAD.

The Russian serial entrepreneur has founded and managed three firms and foundations which are Mechanicus and Skolkovo Foundation, New Gas Technologies and A-Ventures Ltd. He is a Go getter and does not let obstacles stands on his way to success.

According to CrunchBase, Alexei has been involved in the Skolkovo Foundation an organization whose main purpose for the formation is to assist broaden the Russian economy with computers, nuclear technologies, and space as well as energy and biomedicine efficiencies.

The organization is nonprofit making organization begun in 2010 by President Dmitry Medvedev. Over thirty companies have given their approval to the Foundation by signing on with development and research agreements that will assist the Foundation in its oversight on the development of the new Skolkovo Innovation Center near Moscow.

Located in Skolkovo City, the center will bring together many technologies and entrepreneurs while assisting the spread of the economic success to the nearby Russian Capital, Moscow.

Alexei Beltyukov has proved himself to be quite experienced with business strategies, after acquiring business experiences he started Endemic Capital in 2013. The firm main focus is to assist exceptional Russian entrepreneur and to give their enterprises and skills a boost by promising companies with the initial investments.

He is assisting these start-ups to find their footing with guidance and Endemic’s investment Capital so that they can become prosperous and stable companies. Alexei has currently about 1 million in investments of current nine portfolios, and he has been harnessing his capabilities with his knowledge and excellent business acumen that starts with a wide base of superior education.

In addition, Beltyukov was part of the given an opportunity to sit on the board as CEO to SOLVY. An organization that offers interactive math tutoring for high School students.

Through this venture, Alexei the ever evolving entrepreneur is giving back to his community by giving an opportunity to the students and their teachers the much-needed assistance with basic math skills. The main purpose of Alexei is to impact the society positively with his entrepreneur skills.

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