Sussex Healthcare Is Up-lifting The Elderly And Adults That Need Special Care

Research in the medical field goes a long way in expanding the knowledge in the area that can be referenced or used by other practitioners in the future. Recently, a study was conducted about a drug category known as anticholinergic that is used to treat various medical conditions. The anticholinergic drug is used to treat illness such as depression, asthma, Parkinson’s disease among others. The drug works by blocking the neurotransmitter that sends signals to the human brain that function to control the muscles. There was a report of a definite link between a patient using anticholinergic and later the patient being at risk of developing dementia. In some cases, the anticholinergics that have been used in the treatment of depression have led to an increase of dementia and sometimes the medical history dates back two decades. Also, a research conducted by the University of East Anglia of the United Kingdom, it was discovered that only a particular type of anticholinergics led to these adverse side effects. Drugs that treated illness to do with the bladder muscles, depression and Parkinson’s disease are among the drugs whose long-term side-effects was dementia. The study also researched anticholinergic drugs that are used to treat stomach discomforts and allergies such as antihistamine did not cause dementia.


Independent.Co.Uk reports that the data used to conduct this research was derived from a database of 11 million people in the United Kingdom. Patients in the age bracket of 65 and 99 were included in the study with their total number adding up to 40,000. The diagnosis records that were used for these patients date between the year 2000 and 2015. Also, the findings were matched with individuals in the same age brackets that did not suffer from dementia. Those that conducted the research firmly point out that the study has a likelihood of not being factual as most patients and already initial symptoms before the drug was introduced. Also, severe symptoms of the disease only started showing after two decades and this makes the research highly unlikely. Sussex Health is an organization that has been focused on providing healthcare services for the elderly individuals in the community.

Also, Sussex Healthcare also offers medical services to individuals in the society that require special care. The corporate leadership team of Sussex Healthcare has broad expertise and extensive knowledge in the medical care industry, and through their efforts, an award-winning network focused on providing adult care have been created. Sussex Healthcare launched their first facility about two decades ago and to date, over 20 facilities have been opened.

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