Securus Technologies Opens Doors in Dallas, TX – Technology Center Presentations

Starting this fall and winter, Securus Technologies begins hosting future investors to demonstrate how manpower can be reduced while protecting corrections staff members and inmates. According to research, the company is encouraging correctional facilities and other various clients to visit the Technology Center in Dallas, TX.


Today’s businesses need to run smoother and quieter to remain successful. Running correctional facility and other models of security are no different. In addition to providing investigations, information management, and other services, Securus Technologies plans on increasing worker safety while increasing communications between inmates and friends/family members.


Securus Technologies has invested over $1.5 million in its state-of-the-art compound. Ideally, this center has been developed within driving distance of the Securus headquarters in Dallas, TX. Also, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith continued to comment about the facility as an expansion. In relation, the Technology Center is a 10,500 square-foot facility that houses multitudes of the latest civil and criminal justice, technology solutions – fully functional demonstrations of 950+ products.


Moreover, jail and prison officials continue to comment pertaining to how Securus products are fantastic entities of security. Furthermore, technology continues to grow and the inmate community is a part of growth, as a society. Frankly, Securus Technology is focusing on social responsibility which includes providing effective and efficient methods of communication, in addition to effective securing information for later use.


About Securus Technologies

Out of Dallas, TX and servicing more than 3,450 clients, Securus Technologies prepares to furnish law enforcement and corrections agencies with enough technology to protect millions of inmates, in addition to relieving correctional staff members at the easiest break-even point than before. Ultimately, Securus Technologies is committed to serve and connect by providing emergency response, incident management, biometric analysis, information management, and more. Gander the “full suite” of technology solutions by visiting Securus Technologies.



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