Securus Technologies Keeps All Inmates Safe

The next era of business is the area of the social entrepreneur. This is because the next generation is more community and globally conscious. The millennials, who are moving into business, truly want to impact this world and leave it better. This is why companies like Securus Technologies are thriving.


Securus Technologies is a for-profit company here in America that uses its products to eradicate an evil on this planet. That evil is inmate to inmate crime in correctional facilities. Securus Technologies is the leading provider for technologies in the civil and criminal justice spheres. They provide solutions for public safety. They also create products that allow them to investigate inmates, correct their behavior, and monitor their actions.


Securus Technologies began business in 1986 in Dallas, Texas. As the business grew, they planted several regional offices in Allen, Texas, as well as Carrollton, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia.


Securus Technologies has targeted the evil of inmate on inmate crime to decrease. Truth be told, inmate on inmate crime in correctional facilities is the main cause of death for inmates.


In order to accomplish their goal, Securus Technologies had to create a system that allowed them to monitor inmates. The best way to do this without their knowledge was to tap into and control their contraband cell phones. This would alert officers to any pre-planned attacks between inmates.


Securus Technologies is able to produce a brand new product every single week because of its one thousand person team. In addition to this, Securus Technologies used $600 million and invested it into research and development. Their production rates increased through key acquisitions and partnerships. One such partnership was with Harris Corporation. This this partnership Securus Technologies was able to create the “Cell Defender” technology. This technology alone has decreased crime in the facilities.


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