Ronald Fowlkes Growing Career Man

When it comes to Ronald Fowlkes he is for sure not considered as not being a hard working business man. Many know him as being the Business Development Manager of both Commercial products and Law Enforcement for non-other than Eagle Industries Unlimited. At the company, he proudly takes charge of many different activities. Some of these activities happen to include product education among well over 150 sales personnel, calling upon customers nationwide and also product selection for both sale and development.


At one point in Ronald’s career, he held the position with Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization as being their Defense Contractor. Through this position, his duties included mounting and also dismounting infantry operations within the combat zone. Along with these duties, he also was in charge of instructing U.S Military personnel in the field of tactical operations.


Throughout his career, Ronald has held many positions that he is extremely proud of today. Due to his hard work and determination, he currently holds well over 13 years of experience in the law enforcement field. Within those 13 years, 10 years were spent working with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and another 3 years were spent working with the ST. Louis County Police Department.


Since 2003 Ronald has been a certified instructor in the fields of shoot house, tactical rifle, defensive tactics and also SWAT/URBAN warfare tactics. Through these positions Ronald, along with many others, is responsible with all of the Risk Entries, this happens to be over 250 a year. Along with being responsible for all of the Risk Entries they are also responsible for hostage incidents and also all of the barricaded subjects.


During the time that their unit is not deployed tactically, they are responsible for matters such as all of the illegal possession of guns, gang activity in the cities and the trafficking of any illegal narcotics within what is considered the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods. Along with these responsibilities Ronald’s team also acts as being the Civil Disobedient Team and also the WMD Response Team. These are several of the responsibilities that Ronald’s team proudly takes responsibility for and makes sure that they always take these responsibilities as seriously as they possibly can.


From 1989 until 1993 Ronald Fowlkes served in the United States Marine Corps. During the time that he was serving in the Corps, he was proudly promoted twice within his rank. Along with serving in the United States Corps he also happens to be a veteran of the First Gulf War. This is another one of Ronald’s positions that he is very proud to of took place in. His Marine Corps career started when he attended the Marine Combat Training with the Marine Corps School of Infantry. Along with attending the school for Combat Training he also attended for his Basic Engineer course, ANGLICO. Ronald has always been known as a man that did what he needed to do to continue growing his career.