Mike Baur: An Entrepreneur Success Story

Mike Baur, a Swiss entrepreneur has experience working in the banking industry for over twenty years, today has a successful company which he co-founded with his two business colleagues, called Swiss Startup Factory. This company strives to help new entrepreneurs who are trying to help their businesses success in the world. Baur left his job, which he had gotten rather good at, in the Swiss banking industry. He left as he no longer felt the passion that he used to feel in this job.

In a great online article, published by www.ideamensch.com, entitled “Mike Baur – co-Founder & executive Chairman of Swiss Startup Factory,” Baur shares how he got his idea to start Swiss Startup Factory, how he started in all of this (meaning: the entrepreneur and investing game), and how he has productive days. He shares that soon as he left his high position in Private Banking, he began his first company called, Think Reloaded, which was essentially a “strategic advisory boutique for wealthy families and individuals.” The article states how Baur is a pillar in the startup world in Switzerland, and is known for his skills all over! Baur invests most of his time in helping Swiss entrepreneurs and businesses take off and reach success. He shares that his idea for the Swiss Stratup Factory came from his online course/program, The Accelerator Program, that strives to help new entrepreneurs and their new startup companies. This is his passion, helping new entrepreneurs, which gave him the idea to start this company. He also, as he started this company, found that there was no one else doing this, so it was a good idea! In the article, Baur states that his typical day starts with a “hurricane-like” schedule of things to do, as he normally wakes up at 5 or 5:30 am to start his day. He also answers emails and makes an effort to work with other investors and entrepreneurs personally, and not from “behind a computer or laptop screen.” He states that this has been very important in helping him thrive!

Baur also has an MBA from the University of Rochester in New York, and an Executive MBA from the University of Berne. Baur also is a married man, with two children of his own.

Baur’s entrepreneurial route and story is an inspiration to many, trying to also start their own business or startup company, and for anyone!