Malcolm CasSelle – Work History and WAX

Businessman Malcolm CasSelle is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the corporation OPSkins which is a leading authority on global sales of in-game virtual assets. The global company is also a prominent merchant of bitcoin.

The corporation of OPSkins has launched a brand new blockchain platform where players can do virtual asset training under the name of WAX which stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange. This P2P marketplace presents a solution for two of the most significant problems that virtual assets market have been fighting against- fraud and fragmentation, and his Website.

The leader and President of the WAX platform became OPSkins CIO Malcolm CasSelle. He is fluent in Mandarin and Japanese and achieved two degrees in Computer Science, one from the Stanford University and the other from the Michigan Institution of Technology.

In terms of his professional career, Malcolm CasSelle has achieved an extended portfolio of important positions at large corporations, most of which global. In the past, Malcolm CasSelle has worked as the President and Chief Technology Office for tronc and was responsible for the rapid growth of digital assets of the company. Before that, Malcolm CasSelle was the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media of the SeaChange Int’l. That company had acquired the business that Malcolm CasSelle had founded called Timeline Labs. Malcolm Casselle was the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Timeline Labs allowed enterprises to discover , as well as measure their engaging content.

President and CIO Malcolm CasSelle has a history of leading startup companies. Some the established corporations that he has helped grow includes Media Pass, which provides media companies with digital subscription services. Another firm is Xfire which is a social network for gamer which engages more than 22 million people from around the globe. The social platform is a collaborative venture of the giant Groupon and Tencent, established in China, and

In previous years, Malcolm CasSelle has founded and co-founded several businesses such as PCCW based in Hong Kong. The company is a publicly traded telecommunication service which has passed a worth of over 30 billion dollars, and learn more about Malcolm CasSelle.