Lime Crime’s Amazing Founder Doe Deere

Doe Deere has shared her love of beauty through her cosmetic brand, Lime Crime. The “Queen of Unicorns” has shown the world that no matter what your situation is in life, it can change for the best. Doe Deere was born in Russia and moved to the United States at the young age of seventeen. Doe has lived in some exciting cities that have influenced her creative side. From New York to Los Angeles, California, Doe has gained a lot of knowledge in the beauty industry.

In the early years when Doe was in New York her mind was set on being a famous musician. She had to acquire the skills she needed fast to keep her dream alive. Doe learned first hand the importance of strategic marketing and building business relationships. Doe married one of her band members which now works side-by-side with her as a business partner. Doe believes that we all have untapped potential inside us waiting to be released. Your background and upbringing should not set your limitations in life.

Doe enjoyed bright and vibrant make up colors which were almost impossible to find. This was a big problem for her and didn’t allow her to truly express her individuality. Doe decided to make her own bright makeup colors and was amazed by the feedback from others. Lime Crime was soon born afterwards. Lime Crime gives women back the freedom of expression that has been taken away by the beauty industry. The fashion and beauty industry love to tell you what is beautiful and what isn’t. Doe hated this. Why cant women express themselves and look flawless at the same time?

Lime Crime has innovative unique products that will have you turning heads at your next event. From hair to makeup products, Lime Crime can guarantee that you will have a one of a kind style. Doe is living her dream by shaking up the beauty industries standards. Doe Deere hopes to be a role model to others. Doe’s story has touched so many people and her brand has broken down so many barriers in life. Lime Crime is about empowering women and creating a unique style that promotes individuality. Learn more:


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