How Life Line Screening is leveraging the Unique Expertise of Medical Professionals Such as Dr. Andrew Manganaro

Life Line Screening is a reliable provider of preventative health screenings in the U.S. One of the executives who is key in the growth of Life Line Screening is Dr. Andrew Manganaro. Dr. Manganaro is the senior medical executive of the institution. As a Brooklyn native, he attended the New York University’s School of Medicine for an M.D. He has undergraduate degrees in philosophy and biology. Dr. Manganaro began his medical practice at Bellevue Hospital Medical Center, which is a medical arm of NYU.

Medical Practice

After finalizing his residency program in general surgery at Bellevue Hospital, he joined the USC’s school of Medicine as a research fellow. His two-year training at UCLA focused on cardiovascular physiology. Dr. Manganaro also attended the University of Rochester for his residency in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery.

Dr. Manganaro is a certified thoracic surgeon. He earned this certification after completing his practice at the University of Rochester. His 35-year career was based on vascular, cardiac, and thoracic surgery. After he had retired from the private practice, he became part of Life Line Screening.

Productivity at Work

Dr. Manganaro’s work involves handling quality assurance programs of Life Line Screening. He also oversees the firm’s clinical department and supervises certified physicians. During his private practice, Dr. Manganaro performed surgery on patients with asymptomatic diseases. He enjoys working with LLS because the company provides screening services to patients with life-threatening diseases and more information click here.

Dr. Manganaro believes in teamwork and hard work as virtues of success. These two virtues have enabled him to be productive in his work. Furthermore, he enjoys working with other staff of LLS because of their cooperation. Dr. Manganaro is also excited about the emerging screening technologies that help medical practitioners identify asymptomatic diseases and recommend treatment and Lifeline on Facebook.

About Life Line Screening

Since 1993, LLS has been on the verge of making people aware of life-threatening and unrecognized diseases. The institution has also advised patients to seek medical attention after being screened. Today, Life Line Screening is known for having screened over eight million US citizens. LLS has also organized over 16,000 events in the country to facilitate the screenings and learn more about Lifeline Screening.

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