Helane Morrison Has Made a Career of Doing the Right Thing

There isn’t much written or spoken about the champions of that which is good and right. It is quite possible that this has less to do with a lack of those doing the right thing and more to do with the fact that bad news sells. So when an article, like the one recently about Helane Morrison and Hall Capital is published, it reminds us that there are still morals and ethics alive in the world.

The article is centered around the demand for ethical practices, fair dealings and honesty in business – and how Helane Morrison champions this cause. By being the enforcer for regulatory compliance and accountability, she works hard to earn the trust of clients by handling money and business dealings the right way. As Chief Compliance Officer for Hall Capital Partners LLC, she ensures that every brokerage and financial or mutual funds advisor they work with is tried, tested and proven.

Helane Morrison isn’t new at policing and enforcing fair play, having been responsible for heading up the San Francisco office of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for eight years. Much of her experience in that role included litigations, securities and compliance enforcement.

HBO, Google and Hewlett-Packard are just some of the powerful companies that have crossed her path. So being a giant of industry does little to impede Morrison and her drive for honesty and integrity. A bachelors in Journalism with further studies at the University of California Berkeley School of Law led her to practicing law (Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin), from 1986 to 1996, coming with a promotion to partner in 1991. This has certainly prepared her for her current role.

Isn’t that a nice change of pace? This is all about holding good people and companies up to the spotlight, if nothing else just to remind us all that there is still hope in the world. There are still Helane Morrison kind of people who still fighting for what is right. Isn’t that news worthy?

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