Fortress Investment Group: World Leading Private Equity Firm

Fortress Investment Group, an investment management Corporation, is headquartered in New York City. It was initially founded in 1998 as a private equity firm. When the company was first made public in 2007 on 9 February on the New York Stock Exchange, it was the United States first publicly traded private equity firm of its size. The corporation manages over $70 billion worth of assets primarily in private equity, liquid hedge funds, and credit funds as of 2016, and learn more about Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress currently serves nearly 2000 clients across the world and diverse range of investment classes. The company specializes in generating significant returns against well-managed risks for their clientele over the long-term. The investment firm has several key areas of competency. First and foremost are the company’s asset-based investment strategies. The expertise found that the company has allowed for the management of physical and financial assets in all areas from real estate to capital assets. Fortress Investment Group also has industry-specific knowledge that assists it in their investment decisions. Over the two decades the company has been in business they have cultivated a team of investment professionals that maintain strong ties with leading companies around the world.

Fortress Investment Group also has significant expertise in corporate mergers and acquisitions that has allowed them to determine the optimal structure and execution of these decisions. Their final area of competency and perhaps the most important is their experience utilizing capital markets that has allowed them to secure low-risk financing for investments through the utilization of the debt and equity capital markets, and his Linkedin.

Fortress Investment Group divides their business segments into four classes. Their first class is private equity which currently has $6.5 billion under management. Their business strategy for their private equity investments includes control-oriented investments throughout the North American, Caribbean, and Western European regions dedicated towards generating cash flow producing assets. Their second class is permanent capital vehicles. They currently manage $7.8 billion in permanent capital vehicle investments. These investments target publicly traded companies that support real estate assets, as well as transportation and infrastructure assets. Credit private equity is their third business segment with $15.1 billion currently under management. They focus on distressed and undervalued assets in the real estate, capital assets, and natural resource markets. Their final business segment is that of credit hedge funds with $8.9 billion currently under management. In this segment, they focus on opportunistic lending situations and distress assets such as loans and corporate securities.

When the company was originally founded, they were a pure private equity firm. Over the many years that the corporation has been in business, they have evolved to become one of the most highly diversified global investment manager corporations found in the world. Their parent company SoftBank group purchased Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion in 2017. This move was made as part of an effort to transform the Japanese technology Corporation until one of the world’s most significant investment firms. After the acquisition was announced, stock prices were seen around 39% higher than the closing price from the previous Monday, and read full article.

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