Fascinating Facts About OSI Group That Make it Stand Out in America

OSI Group is a company held privately and was started in 1909. It traces its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois where they service the retail markets and food industry with meat. It is amazing to note that the company has provided employment for approximately 20,000 people. This is a remarkable act that has in a great way helped to boost the U.S economy. The supply has tremendously grown and now the company serves internationally.

OSI Group has penetrated their way into the larger market because of their ability to produce quality and custom made dishes. It is best when they provide that which perfectly meets the needs of their clients. This way they are able to enlarge their customer base across the globe.

Apart from quality they are also committed to enhance safety. Being among the America’s largest private companies they have an image to protect through production of health and highly sanitized dishes. You can comfortably make them your choice for products such as fish, pizza, hotdogs, vegetables, poultry to mention but a few. OSI Group also recognized by Forbes and highlighted as among the top food vendors.

Careers and Employment Positions Offered by OSI Group

Being a growing company they have been taking in various groups of employees depending on their certification and skills. Among them include; cleaners, maintenance persons, engineers, security guards, data specialists, to mention but a few. People fit to fill such gaps are always open to enroll through OSI’s website whenever they are taking in new employees.


At OSI Group, despite the tough nature of the client’s expectations, their desires have to be met. This is among the top reasons why most food vendors across the world have to approach OSI for advice on their cutting edge solutions. To them, every other day calls for improvement. They have been increasing their size by purchasing other vendors, such as Tyson food plant and Baho food which was done recently.

It is good to also note that the employees at OSI Group are paid well. This is a contributing factor to the ever-increasing quality. Those seeking jobs from this company only need to check and find out when they have a slot.

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