Eric Lefkofsky is Doing His Part to Find a Cure

Almost every U.S. citizen has been effected by cancer in some shape or form. With millions suffering from this disease as you read this it can be impossible to avoid. For instance, close to 40 percent of adults will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. This number is expected to increase in coming years. Though it may seem bleak there is hope. Companies like Tempus, a cancer fighting technology company, is making good strides in cancer treatment getting ever closer to finding a cure. The new strategy in the battle against cancer is the utilization of data-enable precision medicine with Tempus leading the charge.

This is personal for Eric Lefkofsky, founder of Tempus. after his wife received a diagnosis he became extremely involved in the fight. He actually got the idea for Tempus after being thoroughly disappointed with her cancer treatment. He then realized the health care industry was in need of better data collection and digital technology and was behind the curve. Even though data was being collected there was no effective way to make use of teh gathered information from patient treatments.

This was a real problem and Tempus provided the solution. Thanks to the tech company doctors can now access and effectively analyze a patient’s clinical and molecular data. A problem Tempus was facing in the beginning was the price of genomic sequencing. At one point the process costed around $100 million. This price has dropped to around $5,000 thanks to companies like Tempus who’ve helped in advancing science and technology.

Genomic sequencing being more affordable is very important considering cancer research is fighting the disease on the molecular level now.Something virtually impossible just 20 years ago. Eric Lefkofsky hopes all of these improvements in cancer research will lead to a cure soon.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur responsible for founding several companies in various sectors. Despite his current career path he attended law school at the University of Michigan. Until the dot-com revolution he always saw himself pursuing a career in law.

His first entrepreneurial venture was founding an early internet company which he sold a year after its inception. He then went to work as COO of the company that bought it.

Lefkofsky journey to being an entrepreneur may not have been part of the plan ,but it has definitely worked out.