Doe Deere Art of the Morning Routine

The beautiful Doe Deere has a morning routine I wish I would be able to stick to. She wakes at 8:30 on the dot every morning and without an alarm. That is amazing! I am lucky to even wake up at maybe 11 am on a good day. She then drinks an entire glass of water. I eel that is very important because that helps the body wake up and gives the blood a boost to circulate through the body and prompt it for the next steps in her routine. She stretches her body out to have a nice and loose feeling. She uses a Glossier face wash and thoroughly cleans off her face of any impurities that may have developed over night on her skin. this helps to give he a clean slate to work with when she begins to put on her makeup for the day. The next step is of course a moisturizer. Now the makeup for the day. She starts with True Match Foundation and blends it all over her face with a beauty blender. Then she sets it with a powder. Depending on her mood and what she has to do that day determines the type of blush she puts on. The blush could be anything from a red velvet to a pink velvet. She can be really bold or subtle whatever she picks. This time that I just described is a very intimate time she gets to have to be with herself. She can be free to do as she pleases as she prepares for the day. Aside from makeup she also uses her morning time to get her team up to speed on any developments and for her to check her social media. For most o this generation this is how we make sure to stay with the trends and always be up to date on world events or even just events with our favorite celebrities. This among other people’s morning routines are just examples of how people start their day and are willing to let their fans have a glimpse on how they start their day. We have to remember they are humans too.

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