David McDonald: Leading the OSI Group with Aplomb

As a boy, David McDonald grew up on the farms of Iowa and developed a strong interest in agriculture. He knew that farmers helped to feed the world, and he also knew that in some way, shape or form, he wanted to feed the world as well. That dream of his never left, and as he got older and started looking at colleges, the appeal of Iowa State University was his logical next step. With a desire to improve the operations in food technology and agriculture, he began his studies with a major in Animal Science in 1987. After graduating, he immediately procured a position at the OSI Group, which is a well-known food processing company. To say that hiring David McDonald was one of the smartest things this company has ever done would be an understatement, and learn more about David McDonald.

McDonald worked his way up the corporate ladder, and along the way he has occupied many different diverse positions, including project manager. In every position, he has dedicated himself to excellence, and this is one of the main reasons why McDonald is now the president of the company. He is also the Chief Operations Officer of the Australian division. Although many would say that David has arrived, he realizes that his commitment to excellence and to growing this company is not over with yet.

Moving forward, David McDonald realizes that the only way this company will continue to grow is through sustainability. They will need to continue to expand worldwide, and one of the main goals of McDonald is to see his company having a stake in other foreign markets as well. One of these areas would be China, where OSI continues to grow. They established a modern feed-mill in the Shadong province that is capable of producing 600,000 metric tons of feed.

Of course, McDonald also realizes that another way to grow the company would be to acquire smaller food processing companies. This is why he praised the acquisition of Baho Foods in 2016. He believes this will be an incredibly great move and will help the OSI Food Group continue to expand its market in Europe as well, and https://angel.co/david-g-mcdonald.

So you see, there is no question that OSI Foods continues to go places with McDonald as their Chief Operations Officer. In McDonald’s quest for excellence, there is no question he would not have it any other way. He has very simple tastes: he just wants to be the best, and more information click here.