David A. McDonald: OSI Industry Food Group Leader

The food industry is no boring network to the OSI Industries Inc. company president, David McDonald. He finds it a dutiful responsibility to ensure the safety of the public through their food industry network. The government has strict guidelines on the way food is processed and they’re team of professionals were one of the first to a comply. A stabilized food food industry meant fines and sanctions for some people and for OSI they were able to maintain a strong B+ food industry rating. You can trust your family and customers with a well balanced OSI diet.

How Has David McDonald Impacted The Food International Food Industry

David McDonald, OSI president, comfortably works alongside other executive leaders including COO, Sheldon Lavin to improve the daily operations of their food group, continue to supply their partners with quality food products, and international expansion. They understood the value of the EU food industry and have decided to partner with them to mimic the success of the United States and Asia. They will operate the largest food processing plant in Europe with Flagship. Their team will securely process their food condiments and frozen poultry including a few of their OSI products.

Recent News About OSI

Amazingly, China is proud to announce they have celebrated 20 years as an OSI Industries Inc. Company. They have set their eyes on the prosperous Dutch market and is interested in Baho Foods. The deal is estimated to be upwards of $7.2 million dollars. Their deal will help expand their international portfolio. They”be always anticipated expanding their new organic foods products by introducing all-natural vegetables to India. The success of their expansion has led to the support of current stockholders on all their future food processing expansion efforts throughout the network.

A Closer Look At David McDonald

Mr. David A. McDonald is a proud graduate of the popular Business College of Illinois with a Bachelors degree in business. He has used his training and expertise to achieve a success record of over 35+ years in the food industry. In fact, McDonald is a personal contributor of time and resources to many local charitable organizations. As a company initiative OSI was able to successfully bid for an undeserved Chicago food plant and rescued the jobs of hundreds of current workers. Learn more about business professional, David McDonald by visiting the exclusive OSI Industries Food Group website for more information and more