Christanna Bevin Provides the Combination for Success

Christanna Bevin is a well renowned project service manager, whose knowledge of the industry has allowed her to work on various projects, including commercial and utility projects. She is known for her great communication skills, both written and oral, which helped her develop relationships with stakeholders and multiple companies. Having good connections and communication allows her clients to get the best possible results when working with her.

As a project specialist, her goal is to merge the vision of both the stakeholders and the construction company to make sure that everything runs smoothly. In order to do so, Bevin is very active in each project she takes on while understanding the need to delegate tasks to someone who can oversee the job get done properly. This allows companies to maximize their time and resources. When she requests a new member come on board to oversee the expansion of the vision the client has, she offers reassurance that they are the best fit for the job and have multiple years of experience in their field as well but makes sure to note if they will work well with the team. This is important as it also determines how quickly the project is completed. Another focus goal of hers is to make sure the money is being spent wisely and she meets with her members every workday morning to make sure that things are running smoothly.

In order to keep up with the times, Bevin received her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Australian Institute of Business in 2015. She is a member of the Project Management Institute and Australian Institute of Project Management. She considers herself to be “results oriented, energetic, and flexible” (LinkedIn).

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  1. All of these things add up to a winning combination for everyone involved. Based on her track record, Christanna Bevin is the person for the job. I can tell for sure that do not have to get all these things working brightly and it make sense that all things would work for their benefit if things are taken seriously.

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