Betsy DeVos Triumphs



Besty DeVos is the current education secretary serving under President Trump. She is a member of the Republican Party. Born in 1958 in Michigan, he is a bachelor’s degree holder in Business Administration and Political science from Calvin College. She has had strong standings in matters education. She has offered open support to School Choice, Charter Schools, and School Voucher among other initiatives which are seen as major reasons for her nomination and subsequent appointment as Education Secretary. Aside from politics, she serves as the chairperson of the Windquest Group, a company that she co-founded with her husband, Dick DeVos Jr. She hails from a rich entrepreneurial family. Her family is ranked number 88 of the richest families in the US by the Forbes magazine in 2016.


Contributions in Education system


Recently, she announced that she would be rescinding Obama era policy of campus sexual policy. This move has earned her criticisms and praise in equal measure from different stakeholders in the sector. The repealed policy she was treating the accused unfairly. She is also actively involved in offering direction, providing coordination and offering supervisory services to all departments in the Education department. He also offers national advisement on federal policy activities and programs relating to the US education to the president. Her role on the advisement committee has been credited with the sanity that is being observed in the Education sector.


DeVos on student loans


In what has been seen as a welcome move by students, the education secretary has announced plans of revamping the student loans by transforming the Federal Student Aid (FSA). She also directed the cancellation of a federal contract that was aimed at terminating the current nine companies that offer all student loans and award it to one company. In her submission she said that one company would have assumed a monopoly, stiff out competition and leave borrowers unprotected.


Rising above


Due to her lack of educator skills, unlike her predecessor, she had been seen as not a good fit for the position. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren had criticized the move by Trump to nominate DeVos in the post due to lack of precedence for a holder of the Education Secretary lacking experience in public education. However, despite the criticism, she has stood ground and proven her critics wrong. She has proven that she is equal to the task through her directives and reforms in the sector. She has also been able to quell criticism emanating from her stand on rescinding the Obama policy on campus sexual policy discussed above. She has shown strength and wisdom and hence an unprecedented capability for someone with no educator skills being at the reigns of the department. She is a power to reckon with.


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