Betsy DeVos Is One Of The Most Competent Cabinet Secretary In The US Government

Betsy DeVos is among the few business leaders who have left an indelible mark in the philanthropy world. Through a foundation that Betsy started with her husband in the year 1989, Betsy DeVos has been able to reach many who are in need of help and compassion. Betsy has been able to achieve a lot in the sector of charity by ensuring that the works of her foundation nurture the growth of future leaders. In the year 2015, Betsy and her husband’s total lifetime contribution stood at $139 million, attaining the family a spot on the list of top 30 do-gooders in the united states.

Success Academy Charter Schools have been some of the biggest beneficiaries of what the DeVos Family Foundation has to offer. In the year 2015, the group of schools received a total of $150,000 in donor funds from the charity. In the same year, the Potter’s House, a school that has been built with Christian roots, received $200,000, as a donation from the DeVos Foundation.Betsy and his husband, Dick have always been committed to doing good within their communities. A huge chunk of their wealth has gone into helping institutions such as hospitals, schools, Christian missions and even art facilities. A good number of organizations have benefited from the couple’s generosity. Examples of these institutions include the Center for Individual Rights, Michigan’s Pregnancy Resource Center and the Baptists for Life.

Betsy is not only a do-gooder and business leader. She also serves as the cabinet secretary of education in Trump’s administration. Her nomination for such an executive position in the government of the United States is a reaffirmation of the contribution that Betsy DeVos has had in the education sector of the US. Betsy’s unwavering clamor for the provision of equal educational opportunities to all the children in the United States has earned her accolades.For a decade and a half, Betsy was extensively involved with the operations of the Grand Rapids Public Schools. This role gave her a rare opportunity of understanding how marginalized families found it had to see their children through school. Such exposure has enabled Betsy to be actively involved in matters education in over 25 states of the United States.Before landing her nomination as the cabinet secretary of education in the Trump administration, Betsy held the position of a chairperson to a financial services company called the Windquest Group. Betsy has also held posts in both national and local civic groups such as the Kendall College of Art and Design, the Kids Hope USA and the Mars Hill Bible Church. Betsy is an Arts major. She is an alumnus of the Calvin College in Grand Rapids.