Avi Weisfogel’s Research on the Field of Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are a common problem in the United States and across the globe. However, there is the lack of awareness about this issue, and therefore, many individuals who are affected are never diagnosed. Avi Weisfogel is one of the medical professionals who has conducted extensive research on the disorders. He has been working to determine the ideal cures that can be used in treating the condition. Avi has founded various organizations that are used by medical professionals in studying the field.

Dr. Weisfogel is a certified dentist, and he is currently based in Old Bridge, New Jersey. He has been in the dental sector for about two decades and owns a clinic that is known as the Old Bridge Dental Care. Avi got his DDS from the New York University. Before deciding to pursue dentistry, he had attended the Rutgers University got his BA in Biology. Avi has been conducting continuous research to determine advanced methods that he can utilize in treating his dental patients. This has made him have excellent knowledge in the field and was even named as the Best Dentist in Old Bridge for three consecutive years. Old Bridge Dental Care has been offering outstanding services since it was founded in 1999. Doctors in the region refer patients with complex oral problems to Avi and more information click here.

The dentist gained interest in the sleep world many years ago when he discovered that sleep apnea was a common problem among his dental patients. He then started venturing into the field since very few medical professional were informed about it. The condition did not also have an effective means of treatment or diagnosis. Avi has currently established three organizations that focus on the field. He is founded Healthy Heart Sleep, which has now worked with several doctors across the globe to create efficient sleep labs and clinics. The firm has enabled more medical professionals to gain sufficient information. Avi later decided to educate dentists on how they can use their oral appliances in treating the condition. He founded Dental Sleep Masters, which has been working closely with dentists to develop effective therapies and learn more about Avi.