An Insightful Focus on Investment Banking

Investment banking serves as one of much sought-after banking services offered by numerous financial and banking institutions in the world. This type of service is aimed at raising financial capital through underwriting or playing the role of an agent on matters pertaining the issuance of securities.
Investment banking institutions also provide services to companies that specialize in mergers and acquisitions. They also offer auxiliary services that include FICC services, equity securities, trading of securities and market making. Investment banks operate two lines of business, which are commonly known as the buy side and the sell side. The buy side mainly includes the delivery of counsel or advice to those institutions that purchase investment services such as hedge funds, unit trusts, life insurance companies and private equity funds. On the other hand, the sell side includes the transaction of securities in exchange for other securities or cash.

Most well-established Investment banking institutions offer additional services apart from providing investment advice. Asset management, research, wealthy management, selling of secularized products, selling or trading bonds and stock on behalf of their clients are some of the other functions that help investment banks earn revenue.

Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is popularly known for his astute investment banking skills, which he uses to assist individuals in making wise investment choices. He specializes in international investments through spreading his wealth in different countries. Doing so has assisted Lustgarten in limiting his risk while allowing him to benefit from domestic growth. His success is also attributed to his ability to maintain a keen watch on different markets. As such, the market watching skills have placed him in a better position to quickly respond when he spots a looming downturn of a given market.

Lustgarten has also utilized his knowledge and hard work as an investor to catalyze the growth of his wealth. Using such insight and capabilities, he has crafted workable investment models to help his clients at the Lustgarten Martin investment firm in Florida. Further, he strongly advises his clientele to grow and maintain a global investment portfolio when making endeavors to expand their wealth.

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